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Linear Technology Corporation is a high-performance analog semiconductor manufacturer established in California in 1981. We are held in high esteem by major automotive manufacturers in Japan and around the world, and provide our customers with value in the following ways:
● We generally do not discontinue production of products
● We achieve quick turnaround and stable supply with our large wafer inventories (die bank system) for each product
● We ensure high product quality through long-term reliability testing as well as short-term reliability testing for each production lot
● We maintain BCPs that feature production process redundancy
● We provide free support for circuit design and layout design for analog technologies

Supplier overview

Our products

● Amplifiers, comparators, filters, reference voltage solutions, and silicon oscillators
● ADCs, DACs, and various I/Fs
● Switching regulators, linear regulators, LED drivers, and power modules
● Power system management, battery management, voltage monitoring, PoE, and hot-swap solutions
● Mixers, RF detectors, modulators, demo modulators, and IF amplifiers
● Wireless sensor networks

The LT86 Series: High Voltage, High-Efficiency DC/DC Controllers

This switching regulator series of cutting-edge power ICs offer all the features needed for advanced power supplies: high efficiency, ultra-tiny size, low quiescent current, high-speed response, and robust protection

Supplier overview

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Linear Technology Corporation
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