Business Outline

As an innovation designer, East Asia region offers five major functions to our customers.

Semiconductors and Electronic Components

  • Suggesting the most suitable products by assessing semiconductors, displays, substrates, and various sensors from all over the world.
  • Procurement Agency Services for electronics products
  • Discovery and provision of Chinese and Korean semiconductor manufacturers, start-ups, and new technologies
  • Online information and technical support for Chinese electronics products and sample sales through EC site
  • Proposal of foundry function (SHANGHAI HUAHONG HONGRI ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.)

Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics services through our global network
  • Inventory management support through an exclusive warehouse for electronic component management and product supply in line with customers' production plans
  • Providing crisis management information in the event of a disaster, etc.

Design and manufacturing

  • EMS, ODM proposals (UMC Electronics,Co.,Ltd., Elematec Corporation, Chinese partner companies)
  • Development and manufacturing of various ECUs for automotive applications
  • Introduction of development partners Independent Design House within the East Asia region


  • In-vehicle ECU software evaluation
  • On-vehicle equipment real-world driving and driving verification services.
  • MBD development and evaluation tools. Construction of simulation environment combining models.
  • Providing support for in-vehicle software development operations, PoC development, and specification development

Quality Support

  • Quality monitoring and sorting services through outbound and inbound inspections
  • Process improvement services through process audits and support for improvement activities
  • Support services for analysis and proposal of countermeasures when defects occur
  • Support services for new business development, such as supplier identification and factory audits

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