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Telechips CES 2019 Roadshow

Telechips demonstrated a wide range of next-generation automotive ‘cockpit’ systems, from high-end to entry-level models, using its Dolphin+ chipset at this 2019 CES in Las Vegas, USA. Telechips presented ‘Infotainment Solution’ (IVI), ‘Digital Instrument Cluster’, ‘Head-Up Display’ Devices, and ‘surround-view-monitoring’ (SVM) for next-generation cockpit systems.

“The Dolphin Plus two-chip solution has enabled us to provide customers with competitive prices by replacing features that were only possible with high-end chipsets and hypervisor solutions from competitors,” said Telechip.

In addition, Telechips is based on the advanced-virtualization software technology, Hypervisor, which enables Android and Linux to be optimized for entry-level products using the unique cockpit system and Dolphin Plus unique graphics processing hardware that allows two operating systems to run simultaneously on one Dolphin Plus chipset.

Also, Telechips introduce Dolphin 3, a new low-power, ultra-small application processor at CES. The chipset is designed to have high-speed data processing and graphics acceleration capability more than 3 times that of Dolphin Plus by applying 14nm technology, which is ultra-fine process. Dolphin 3 has powerful processing power can be ultilize in next-generation cockpit systems, ADAS and AI system.


Telechips CES 2019 Roadshow
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