The automotive industry, now in the midst of a major transformation said to occur only ‘once-a-century’, is experiencing a dizzying array of technological innovations as new entrants from outside the industry also move in on the market in response to the electrification trend, realizing autonomous driving. Innovations in automotive market are driven by electronics technology, and we are proposing new core products and technologies aimed at realizing a new future of the automotive industry. To support a future of safer and more comfortable vehicles, we are committed to continually evolve by transcending industry barriers and breaking the past common sense. By utilizing our outstanding achievements and experience in the field of automotive electronics, we offer a business model that contributes to both customers and society in general.

Main advantages

  • We provide electronic components focused on semiconductors in a wide range for automotive, consumer and industrial customers.
  • We propose solutions for coming future car electronics in collaboration with the world's top suppliers.
  • We solve customers' problems with rich experiences and functions.