The market is moving towards connected home appliances, where electrical appliances come with communication capabilities or additional functionality. We help our customers to develop their products by providing our cutting-edge solutions and proposals, and we are expanding our products to include communication modules and sensors for IoT home appliances. Our areas of specialization include home appliances, musical instruments, digital cameras, games, and other consumer goods. Furthermore, we actively explore new potential markets such as wearables and virtual reality (VR), while providing value added solutions.

Main advantages

  • In addition to semiconductors, we also provide other electronic components including LCDs and LEDs, mechanical components, and decorative components that customers need for production.
  • Depending on our customers’ demands, we are also able to introduce cutting-edge technology to achieve new functionality, or introduce Chinese components to reduce costs.
  • We provide necessary services for our customers’ design work, manufacturing and modularization activities.