Technological innovations have made rapid progress in recent years, bringing numerous changes to our everyday lives.
Significant buzzwords in the electronics industry at the core of these changes are “artificial intelligence (AI),” “broadband =5G (fifth-generation mobile communications system),” “cloud,” “robotics,” “healthcare,” and “sustainability.” “New lifestyle” is also likely to join these in the future. The world's sense of value is shifting from “goods” to “services,” while “safety and security” is also becoming an important factor. To respond to these changes, we not only meet the specific needs of customers by offering semiconductor products that incorporate advanced technology from among our extensive range of products, but by also delivering total solutions that cover everything from prototyping and development to design and development support.

Main advantages

  • We propose and provide electronic components centered on semiconductors incorporated with advanced technology to customers from consumers, imaging, information and communications, industrial equipment / power electronics, and amusement fields.
  • Utilizing the Toyota Tsusho Group's global network, we will integrate new technologies, new products and services, and propose solutions that meet the changing times and needs, such as “new lifestyles.”