Power Electronics

With the worsening of the global environment due to increased energy demand, the world is calling for power that is eco-friendly. There is increasing hope in power electronics as the technology that will enable the efficient and complete control of electrical energy. It is a field where future market growth is expected due to the drive towards inverter based motors, which is a significant challenge in energy conservation. In addition, on-board products for use in electric vehicles is another market that will continue to grow rapidly.
We are engaged in proposal activities for semiconductors and electrical components that are aimed at customers who are developing and manufacturing industrial-use power electronics devices meant primarily for such fields as motor drives and power supplies. We will also make contributions to help improve the environment.

Main advantages

  • We offer one stop solutions with products optimized for customers dealing with issues related to the miniaturization and improvement of efficiency of power electronics devices.
  • We provide solutions for customers facing shortages in development personnel, or who are trying to reduce development time.