We have established an organization dedicated to providing consultation on a wide range of customers’ ODM / EMS issues. Since its establishment, we have been aggressively recruiting project managers with comprehensive knowledge of ‘Monozukuri’ (Japanese-style manufacturing) as well as experts with extensive experience in the fields of manufacturing and quality. Doing this has enabled us not only to provide services at every stage of manufacturing from planning to manufacturing, but also to respond to customers' needs in the areas of hardware, software, mechanical design and mass production. We propose the best solution by utilizing our know-how built up in the areas of automotive, industrial, consumer, and info-communication, in addition to leveraging our extensive alliance partners, highly-experienced personnel, and accrued technologies.

Main advantages

  • We work with our customers to define product requirements and develop customer-branded products
  • We provide comprehensive module development services that cover board development including the CPU; firmware development; FPGA development; and structure development
  • Our Quality Control Department strictly manages our manufacturing partners in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 standards to ensure that high-quality products are provided
  • As a primary distributor of semiconductor components, we ensure the best parts procurement available
  • We provide support for vendor surveys that take advantage of Toyota Tsusho Group's extensive sales channels