ODM/EMS Service

NEXTY Electronics has two types of development functions. One involves developing prototypes by giving form to embody technical information at the conceptual phase and developing demo and reference models. The other involves mass production development whereby we develop products with the intention that a certain number of them will be produced or sold.
Prototype development requires speed: getting products out quickly is key. With mass production development, however, we need to ensure a high standard for reliability.
In our product development segment, we focus on both hardware and software and design housings for certain products, while also occasionally providing them for companies to sell as their own product. Not traditionally a part of trading company functions, these development operations put us in a role close to that of a manufacturer.
As a concrete example, we are currently engaged in a joint venture business involving the development and mass production of a signage delivery system linked with advertisements. Among our many other development operations, we also develop monitoring and logging systems with embedded sensors and database technologies, along with performing reference development for automotive and industrial equipment. Sensor, communications, and information processing technologies will be our prime emphasis going forward.

Main advantages

  • Shortening the time and man hour that customers spend on developing prototypes. We can reduce the risks likely to arise in new segments and inferior segments. We also provide advice to help customers decide whether or not to deploy certain technologies.
  • We can handle the kinds of small-lot orders that large vendors cannot, and can develop special products.