Overseas Business Network

For Japanese companies' overseas facilities as well as for local customers, we provide services of the sales and supply of semiconductors and electronic components, hardware quality analysis, and embedded software development. We support our customers closely even in overseas with providing same high quality services that we have in Japan. For example, we set up warehouse reserved for electronic components in each overseas site to achieve a stable local supply of semiconductors and electronic components.
Furthermore, we are rolling out our TAQS (Toyotsu Automotive Quality Support Center) in 4 overseas regions (China, Oceania, US, and Europe) consecutively. TAQS analyzes quality and reliability issues in semiconductor and electronic components. In addition, we set up research facilities in India (Delhi and Pune) and China (Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Beijing) to continue our researches and developments to meet our customers’ needs.

Main advantages

  • We are able to provide overseas support locally to our customers by tapping into our overseas network with 34 sites.
  • Well-versed in cultures of each domain, we are able to provide local support.