Value-Added Services

At our VA center, we provide manufacturing support services, including taping, laser marking, programming of flash memory, microcontrollers, and other devices. We also provide quality support such as reliability test, troubleshooting, sampling, function test, and device’s visual inspection. We are expanding quantitatively our device data overwriting, sampling inspection, and function test services to accommodate more models. Other than that, we constantly improve our quality and aim to create added value in primary analysis, delegated analysis sampling, manufacturing, and assembling.
We will work to quantitatively expand our device programming, selection testing, and function testing services, and furthermore establish a system that can support high-mix testing and manufacturing, while driving improvements in quality, and creating added value for primary analysis, delegated analysis selection, and manufacturing assembly services.

[ VA Center ]

・Memory data overwriting
・Taping and packaging
・Visual and function sampling inspection
・Defect analysis

Business Lineup

VA center quality support service

【ROM Programming】

We support programming from test sample to mass production.

  • Automatic programming systems
  • Manual Programming

We support custom marking (laser / label / ink / dot ).

  • laser marking device
  • label marking device
  • ink marking device

【Visual Inspection】

We support visual inspection to various devices with microscope, also we are able to non-destructive inspection with X-ray.

  • Visual inspection with microscope
  • Visual inspection with Magnifiers
  • Visual inspection with digital microscope
  • Non - destructive inspection

【Function Testing】

It is possible for us to handle your request testing with various measuring instruments.

  • Optical measuring instrument
  • The data of optical measurement
  • Mount Board tester

Main advantages

  • Our services help our customers to resolve their issues at manufacturing sites.
  • We provide our services with satisfactory pricing, delivery date, quality, technology, and data.