With decades of experience in quality assurance for automotive electronics, we are promoting the realization of “zero defects.” Our knowledgeable quality staff goes beyond the bounds of conventional distributors to provide customers with meticulous quality support for everything from upstream processes to successful mass production in areas that range from parts certification to market failure handling and inspection, screening, initial defect analysis, failure analysis, root cause analysis, quality reliability evaluation, memory programming, and much more. We support global quality assurance efforts aimed at realizing improvements that meet the quality needs of our customers.

Business Lineup

Quality support service

[ ROM Programming ]

  • We support data writing to flash memory and micro controller from test sample to mass production.
  • Laser marking, labeling, dot marking, etc. associated with programming.
  • Automatic Programmer
  • Laser Marking Machine

[ Inspection, Sorting, Screening/Taping/Moisture – proof packaging. etc. ]

  • Appearance inspection and sorting using microscopes, digital microscopes, automatic inspection equipment, etc
  • Sorting of electrical characteristics by testers and various jigs, sorting by X-ray inspection equipment
  • Baking, moisture-proof packaging, taping, etc.

[ Quality evaluation, environmental test, life cycle test ]

  • We also provide quality evaluation, reliability evaluation, environmental test, and life cycle test, in compliance with various standards such as JEDEC, JEITA, AEC, etc.
  • Noise resistance tests such as ESD and latch up.

[ Failure analysis, initial malfunctioning analysis, defect analysis, cause analysis ]

  • Semiconductor’s initial malfunctioning analysis (non-destructive analysis)
  • defect analysis such as decapping and delayering
  • defect/cause analysis such as probing and OBIRCH

[ Competitive analysis of parts and machines ]

  • Investigation and benchmarking of assembled parts through reverse engineering of printed circuit board

Main advantages

  • We provide services that solve the problems faced by our customers in the manufacturing sites.
  • we respond with quality, technology, information that satisfy our customers' needs.