Quality Support

We have been involved in quality assurance for automotive electronics components over many years, and are driving the achievement of zero defects in manufacturing. Based on this experience and know how, we provide testing, screening, initial defect analysis, failure analysis, root cause analysis, as well as a variety of product support, such as device programming, laser marking, and stick and tray taping.
We are currently working to expand the range of products we support for selection and function testing, as well as improve the quality of our services. Going forward we will implement initiatives with the goal of creating added value unique to our company in such areas as primary analysis, delegated analysis selection, and manufacturing and assembly services.

Business Lineup

[ VA Center ]

・Memory data overwriting
・Taping and packaging
・Visual and function sampling inspection
・Defect analysis
[ TAQS Center ]

・Defect analysis
・Reliability evaluation
・Visual and function sampling inspection
・Taping and packaging

VA center quality support service

[ Manual visual inspection ]・・・We help our customers to sample their products and eliminate defective products to meet their specifications.

Visual sampling inspection with naked eye, magnifying glass, and microscope

  • Visual inspection with microscope
  • Automatic visual inspection device

Non-destructive inspection with X-Ray inspection device

[ Function inspection ]・・・We help our customers to sample their products and eliminate malfunctioned products to meet their specifications.

  • HDD failure analysis
  • Communication module inspection
  • LCD dynamic operating inspection

[ Analysis ]

  • ・Primary failure analysis and repair service for unit and system products (delegated from suppliers)
  • ・Primary failure analysis of LED (optical device) (delegated from suppliers)
  • LCD dynamic operating inspection
  • X-Ray inspection device
    Shimadzu SMX-160GT X-Ray fluoroscopic apparatus

[ Reverse engineering of parts and machines ]

  • ・Investigation and benchmarking of installed parts through reverse engineering of printed circuit board

TAQS center quality support service

[ Sampling, inspection, screening, supplementary operation, taping service, etc. ]

Visual, X-Ray, and electrical property samplings (tester, etc.)
Post-inspection taping and packaging are also available.

[ Quality evaluation, environmental resistance, life cycle test ]

We also provide quality evaluation, reliability evaluation, environmental test, and life cycle test, in compliance with various standards such as JEDEC, JEITA, AEC, and so on. In addition to that, we also accommodate noise resistance tests such as ESD and latch up.

[ Failure analysis, initial malfunctioning analysis, defect analysis, cause analysis ]

Semiconductor’s initial malfunctioning analysis (non-destructive analysis), defect analysis such as decapping and delayering, and defect/cause analysis such as probing and OBIRCH

Main advantages

  • We offer services that solve the issues our customers have at their manufacturing sites.
  • Having our own facilities enables us to provide even higher quality analysis & quality support and product support. At one of these facilities, our VA Center, we program flash memory, microcontrollers, EEPROM and other devices, and perform visual inspections and screenings. At our TAQS Center, we perform a variety of tests and analyses, including selection & testing, environmental resistance evaluation, life tests, failure analysis, and initial defect analysis.