Basic Policy on Information Security

We shall establish a “Basic Policy on Information Security” regarding the handling of information assets that arise from our business activity, and endeavour to manage and protect information assets in an appropriate manner with the aim of gaining even greater trust from our stakeholders.

  1. 1
    Development of an information security system
    We establish an ISO committee and develop an information security system to maintain and improve the standard of information security both comprehensively and continuously.
  2. 2
    Protection of information assets
    We implement appropriate information security measures for information assets that arise from our business activity, after clarifying the inherent risks.
  3. 3
    Implementation of information security education
    We educate all executives and employees on information security, and ensure compliance with the present basic policy, related laws and regulations, company regulations, bylaws, contractual obligations pertaining to security matters, etc.
  4. 4
    Review and improvement of information security
    We strive to review and continuously improve information security, taking into account changes in the security environment, etc.
NEXTY Electronics Corporation

Certification Overview

ISO27001 Certificate(PDF : 0.12MB)

Applicable Standard
ISO IEC27001:2013、JIS Q 27001:2014
Certification Body
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited(LRQA)
Certification Number
Certification Acquisition Date
August 16,2007
Certification Expiration Date
February 28, 2025