NEXTY Electronics


We are committed, by developing our unique
value to make the 'next' future a reality.

We will constantly pursue new technologies as SOLUTIONS that will open the door to the future.
We will take every market change as a sign of customer NEEDS.
By demonstrating these two core values, we will achieve our vision of "Making the World More Fun through Electronics!"

Leveraging our overseas networks to expand the market and boost functionality

We will utilize the Toyota Tsusho Group's overseas network–covering over 90 countries worldwide–and aim to create new business while providing highly-attentive services to customers.

For overseas, we can provide services of the sales of semiconductors and electronic components, hardware quality analysis, and embedded software development. We can support our customers closely even in overseas by providing the same high quality services as in Japan. We will progressively expand our global network to provide more our stable services for our customers.

Providing our technology, quality, and functionality as unique value propositions

We will establish superiority by continuously refining our technology, quality, and functionality, which will be highly valued in the vehicle-mounted market and a wide range of other fields.

By combining our strengths in various areas, we will improve our value in terms of technology, quality, and function, while accommodating to customers from various industries globally.

Develop new supporting businesses with automotive at the core

We will apply our expertise in offering cutting-edge technologies in the automotive field to maintain a dominant market share. We will also further expand the technology, quality, and functionality we have built-up in the automotive field to other fields.

Through our experience in the automotive sector, we partner with reputable semiconductors and electronics components suppliers who are leaders in the automotive market. We have re-ogranised our teams so that they are ready to solve the latest issues such as how to improve autonomous driving, active and passive safety systems, Eco cars, and propose solutions to customers.