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"Aichi Steel is the world's first company to release the magnetic sensor utilizing the magnetic impedance phenomenon.
They has wide experience in the portable device market such as smart phone."

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Electronic Compass AMI306R

"High sensitivity magnetic sensor utilizing the magnetic impedance phenomenon.
The sensor has 10,000 times more sensitive than conventional magnetic sensor and expected to apply to a variety of fields."

Magnetic Field Canceler/Simulator PALMGAUSS

Using a highly sensitive MI sensor, this device detects external magnetic fields in three dimensions and generates a magnetic field in the opposite direction to create a space free of magnetic fields. It can also be used to generate an arbitrary magnetic field.


"The Nano tesla sensor can detect weak magnetic field variation with a noise level of 1 nano tesla(1/20,000 of geomagnetism).
This sensor can detect a ferrous particle with 1/10 mm size, and has been used for the safety inspection in the food, apparel and industry.
-High sensitivity magnetic field measurement.
-Easier handling than electronic compass IC product."

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mar. 8,1940
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