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AUO was founded as Acer Display Technology, Inc. in August, 1996. Following a 2001 merger with Unipac Optoelectronics Corp., the company changed its name to AU Optronics Corporation. It acquired Quanta Display Inc. in 2006. AUO's merger with the two aforementioned companies has seen it become a market share leader in the LCD panel market.

Supplier overview

LCD panels for industrial equipment

"- Our wide-ranging product lineup spans 3.5 inch to 32 inch panels.
- By providing products with service lives of at least three years and releasing compatible products when they are discontinued, we are a reliable long-term partner.
- We offer models rated to withstand -30 to + 85°C temperatures, allowing for usage under even harsh conditions. "

"WOW" Cloud-accessible LCD monitor

 - Runs Android
Comes preinstalled with ad production software and scheduling tools
 - Cloud accessible
Created posters (content) can be shared in the Cloud
Free two-year license
 - Japanese language support
*Demonstration unit available at the company. "

Supplier overview

Supplier Name
AU Optronics Corporation
Aug. 1996
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