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LEM has been the market leader in industrial, railway, high accuracy power elecctronics applications and development for the last 40 years and leverages this vast experience to supply solutions for isolated current and voltage measuremens.
With higher accuracy and speed, the feedback signal from LEM transducers enables smoother control and energy consumption reduction of many electrical systems.

Supplier overview

HO 50–250 series

High performance, cost effective, contactless current transducers
Panel mounting with large aperture for primary conductor
Nominal Current 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 240A, 250ARMS
+5V supply power
UL compliant

CAS - CASR - CKSR series

Compact Fluxgate based current transducers single supplied (+5V)
CAS:3 primary pins
CASR:reference access 3 primary pins
CKSR:reference access 4 primary pins Higher creepage and clearance distances 
Nominal Current 6A, 15A, 25A, 50ARMS
+5V supply voltage
UL compliant

GHS series IC (SO8) isolated current transducers

GHS series overview
- IC SO8 packaging for SMD automatic assembly
- Open Loop Hall effect ASIC based technology
- Non-contact AC&DC current measurement for 10, 12, 16 or 20 A nominal
- Isolated measurement (2100 VRMS isolation test voltage)
- High performance gain and offset thermal drifts
- Excellent immunity to external fields
- DC to 100 kHz
- Ratiometric voltage output with high sensitivity (up to 80 mV/A)

Supplier overview

Supplier Name
LEM Holding SA
Feb. 1972