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Payton Planar Magnetics is a specialized manufacturer of planar transformers and coils.
With more than 20 years of experience, we have a large number of products and design, over 8,000. Mainly supporting custom products according to required specifications. Payton will provide solutions with unprecedented shapes to the expanding needs of the future such as miniaturization, weight reduction and high frequency.

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Planar Transformer & Reactors

Payton's planar transformer & reactors will provide below merits :
- Reduction of size and weight compared to conventional wire-wound types.
- High efficiency (typ:98%, max:99.5%)
- Excellent reproducibility and durability
- Operating frequency: from 20 kHz to 3 MHz
- Excellent heat dissipation. Reduces cost required for cooling the entire circuit

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Supplier overview

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Payton Planar Magnetics
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