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SEKISUI POLYMATECH (former Polymatech Japan) got its start in November 2012 by taking over some of the business of the Polymatech Group, which for nearly 65 years has grown alongside the development of electronic devices. Having inherited the Group's experience and technologies involving everything from developing developing polymer materials to creating electronic parts, we have become a manufacturer of polymer parts for electronic and electrical devices.

Supplier overview

Capacitive touch switch sensor film

- A conductive polymer is applied to PET film that allows the film to act as a capacitive sensor
- It has been used in vehicles and is a reliable product that will continue to be produced for the long term.
- It can be modified to meet customers' design specifications

Thermal conductive sheets (Feather series)

Taking full advantage of the flexibility of the base material, we have realized excellent contouring for uneven surfaces and superb cushioning performance. This imparts a broad diversity of characteristics effective for design, including adhesion to components of differing heights, reduction of stress on PCBs, and absorption of tolerances. Cut shapes and other details can be altered to fit the required design.

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Supplier overview

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Nov. 2012