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LITIX™ Basic + Automotive LED Driver ICs

LITIX™ Basic +  Automotive LED Driver ICs
Infineon LITIX™ Basic+ LED drivers serve as perfect extension to the existing LITIX™ Basic family. LITIX™ Basic+ linear constant current sources with their 1 to 3 inputs/outputs build a scalable family to reduce system costs (e.g. less external components needed, introduction of power shift feature).
Output currents from 5 mA up to 360 mA (with power shift) can be served with LITIX™ Basic+. The family also has optimized diagnosis features as well as an improved output current accuracy. Several selectable fault management modes offer high design-in flexibility. LITIX™ Basic+ offers the most flexible Single LED Short (SLS) feature in the market: the device can either go to a latched off-state, active retry or simply diagnosis without channel deactivation.
Last but not least, LITIX™ Basic+ supports design flexibility by footprint compatibility – if you know one device, you know the whole family.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
Recommendation from NEXTY Electronics FAE.
> Programmable OL/SC fault management
> Current range from 5mA to 360 mA at high current accuracy (5%)
> Flexible Single LED short diagnosis for latched and retry strategies
> High accuracy PWM via integrated PWM engine
> LITIXTM Basic+ as high-current LCS with overload protection

> External component need reduced
> Direct PWM connection
> Shared ERRN network
> Shared DEN/EN network
> Shared D/DS pin capacitor
> Direct OUTSET and INSET connection
> Low active error network
> SLS diagnosis with tunable threshold
> Improved and precise diagnosis
> Design flexibility by footprint compatibility
> Single LED operation possible
Evaluation boards
> High-Side linear current source with LED load

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We introduce selected the latest technical documents for Automotive Lighting systems, Front light and Rear Light.
In additon, NEXTY Electronics released original demo board of LED Driver. Cusotmers can operate and evaluate Infineon LED Drivers using this demo board. For more details, Please contact NEXTY Electronics in your region.

NEXTY Electronics LITIX™ LED Driver Evaluation Kit
・1 mother driver board and 1 selectable sub board , SPI Interface Device TLD5541-1QV or with out SPI interface Device TLD5190QV
・We prepared bypass switch on the board, using this switch, we can design many types of LED conbination.
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