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Infineon 24GHzMMIC Rader Solution

Infineon 24GHzMMIC Rader Solution
We will propose MMIC for 24 GHz radar manufactured by Infineon Technologies. It is possible to measure speed, distance and angle with 24 GHz radar solution. We are preparing a 24 GHz radar module that you can actually experience the 24 GHz radar.

· Environmental Resistance
· Transparency
· Design flexibility
· Best trade-off (cost / sensor performance)

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
We will show you the 24 GHz radar module evaluation kit that you can easily experience 24 GHz radar.
【Main features】
> Adopted 24 GHz transceiver IC BGT 24 MTR 11.
> Utilizing the advantages of Radar sensor realizes stable distance measurement under various environments
> High precision (± 10 cm) beyond the conventional 24 GHz RADER performance, Short distance (up to 10 cm) distance measurement realized
> Complies with the domestic radio wave law (certification of conformity to technical standards already acquired)

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Example Application of using 24 GHz radar

· Street light · human sensor · Sensor for IoT tank level meter
· Sensor for FA  · bicycle  · robot cleaner · Drone · toilet · interior light · Automatic door· Robot cleaner · Vital sensor

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