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Recognized technology leader in IGBT

Recognized technology leader in IGBT
IGBT bare dies are silicon based IGBT chips. Infineon supports bare die and wafer solutions for module manufacturers enabling higher levels of integration, power density and board space reduction. Furthermore, Infineon offers a broad portfolio of IGBT chips assembled in discrete plastic packages, so called Discretes IGBTs, which are available as Single IGBTs and co-packed with freewheeling Diode. This devices are suitable for applications such as General Purpose Inverters, Solar Inverters, UPS, Induction Heating, Major Home Appliances, Welding and SMPS. Benefits of Discretes IGBT are high current density and low power dissipation resulting in higher efficiency and smaller heat sink to allow lower overall system cost.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
This block diagram is a peripheral block diagram of a motor inverter circuit applying Infineon IGBT products. (more info

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Below are infineon IGBT selection guide and product introduction materials. Please refer to it.
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