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Automotive Motor Control ICs

Automotive Motor Control ICs
Recommendation from NEXTY Electronics FAE.
Infineon has been providing wide range embedded power ICs for Automotive Motor control Applications. In this field, small package and low external components products are needed especially. Infineon has enough confident to introduce the latest technology for Power Window, Sun roof, Wiper motor, Fuel Pump, HVAC motor, Cooling fan, Water pump and so many types of motor applications. 
We strongly recommend Infineon Motor Control ICs.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
Configurable, H-Bridge and 3-Phase Gate Driver IC's
The trend towards greater efficiency in automotive applications also concerns electric motors. Applications such as power steering, HVAC compressors and engine cooling fans will be controlled by electronic motors in the future. Infineon®'s family of configurable, H-Bridge and 3-Phase Gate Driver IC's can be combined with MOSFETs to provide the power and efficiency these systems demand.
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