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H(EV) Electrical Vehicle Application

H(EV) Electrical Vehicle Application
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It's well known that Infineon has provided wide range Automotive ICs and the latest technologies of Power Electronics. Additionally, Infineon has been introducing Power products for Automotive application. We can select very wide range products from Infineon not only IGBT, Power modules , Driver IC MOSFET、but also Automotive tranceivers, Power supply and Micro Controllers. For EV Application, We would like you to check Infineon line up.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
Though hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) are considerably more energy-efficient than their combustion counterparts, there’s always room for improvement. Minimizing power losses, maximizing power savings and boosting overall performance are constant challenges you and the entire industry face as HEVs and EVs accelerate into the future. Functional safety, including ISO 26262 compliancy, also plays an increasingly important role.

With extensive industrial and automotive experience to draw on – and broad product portfolio of highly efficient electric powertrain components on offer – Infineon is the ideal partner for all hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle needs. Especially noteworthy: our proven IGBT modules and bare die solutions. Rely on our full-spectrum technical support to ensure the success of your designs. In fact, we’re currently co-developing drivetrains of the future with many of our customers.

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Automotive qualifed IGBT solutions to support the designer's efforts in hybrid and electric mobility.

Automotive IGBT Discretes
Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™5 AUTO Discrete IGBT, which are AEC-Q-qualified, reduce power losses and improve reliability in electric vehicle (EV) as well as hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications such as onboard charging, power factor correction (PFC), DC-AC and DC-DC conversion.

More about automotive IGBT Discretes
Reverse Conducting Drives & Drives Fast
Reverse Conducting Drives and Drives Fast are a high speed switching capable variant of the well established RC-Drives Automotive IGBT and were developed to meet the rising demand for high frequency applications.
Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ 60TA Discrete IGBT technology offers a significant improvement in static as well as dynamic performance due to combination of trench top-cell and field stop concept.
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