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NovalithIC™ Single Half-Bridge Driver

NovalithIC™ Single Half-Bridge Driver
Infineon offers a broad range of low- and high current single half-bridge drivers designed for use in automotive and industrial applications.
NovalithIC™ provides a complete low-ohmic-protected half-bridge in a single package. It can be combined with an additional NovalithIC™ to create an H-bridge or 3-phase bridge as well. The NovalithIC™ family has the capability to switch high frequency PWM while providing overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection. The NovalithIC™ family offers cost-optimized solutions for protected high-current PWM motor drives with very low board-space consumption - scaled to your needs.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
Recommendation from NEXTY Electronics FAE.

The IFX007T is an integrated high current half bridge for motor drive applications. It is part of the Industrial & Multi Purpose NovalithIC™ family containing one p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel low-side MOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package. Due to the p-channel high-side switch the need for a charge pump is eliminated thus minimizing EMI. Interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC which features logic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit. The IFX007T provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption.
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Summary of Features: Very Nice !! Easy but high performance !!

•Path resistance of max. 12.8 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 10.0 mΩ @ 25°C)
High side: max. 6.5 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 5.3 mΩ @ 25°C)
Low side: max. 6.3 mΩ @ 25°C (typ. 4.7mΩ @ 25°C)
•Enhanced switching speed for reduced switching losses
•Capable for high PWM frequency combined with active freewheeling
•Switched mode current limitation for reduced power dissipation in overcurrent
•Current limitation level of 55 A min.
•Status flag diagnosis with current sense capability
•Overtemperature shutdown with latch behavior
•Undervoltage shutdown
•Driver circuit with logic level inputs
•Adjustable slew rates for optimized EMI
•Operation up to 40 V
•Green Product (RoHS compliant)
•JESD47I Qualified
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