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5th Generation Power IC controller.

5th Generation Power IC controller.
Infineon's latest 5th generation fixed frequency flyback PWM controller offers high performance and a comprehensive suite of protection to increase system robustness.

Summary of Features:
•125kHz maximum switching frequency
•Brown in protection, fast and robust start-up operation with cascode configuration
•3 level selectable entry/exit active burst mode profile (optional)
•Built-in digital soft-start
•Cycle by cycle peak current limitation
•Support both DCM and CCM operation with slope compensation
•Integrated error amplifier to support direct feedback typical with non-isolated flyback topology
•Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load for higher efficiency
•Adjustable line input over voltage protection (optional)
•VCC and CS pin short to ground protection
•OLP, output short, OTP with hysteresis and VCC over/under voltage protection
•Auto-restart for all protection features

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
•Reduce BOM count and cost with integrated line input over voltage protection and error amplifier
•Increase mid and light load efficiency with digital frequency reduction
•High power delivery with slope compensation for CCM operation

Target Applications:
•Offline aux SMPS for server, PC power, aircon, refrigerator and audio
•Offline main SMPS for adapter, set-top-box, water purifier, TV, industrial SMPS and POE
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