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Today, many different features of automobiles are being computerized, from key components, such as engines, transmissions, and brakes, to in-vehicle devices that include car navigation and audio systems. As a result, one automobile can be equipped with numerous electronics products, and the amount of these is only expected to increase.
Automotive manufacturers are also working to solve social issues such as fuel efficiency improvements and carbon emission reductions by building vehicles that make use of electronic control systems, which in turn will help realize a future where automobiles are safer and more comfortable.
It is within these circumstances that we, with our organization and functions specializing in automotive electronics, are working to open the way to new possibilities in the automotive industry, while also taking up the challenge of new business areas and novel business models as we aim to create business opportunities from a global perspective.


Main advantages

•We offer specialized hardware/software proposals to the automotive and electrical component manufacturers who use those products. We also offer an extensive range of products due to our involvement in activities besides those of a semiconductor distributor.
•Our automotive electronics proposals are made in partnership with the world’s top suppliers.
•We offer a more advanced automotive lifestyle by assembling teams that are optimized to make technologies that our customers want a reality.