Business Outline

Southeast Asia and India

Nexty Singapore is established as our Regional Headquarters, overseeing 10 offices across 6 countries in the Asia Oceania region, which we cover ASEAN and India primarily.

As a region, ASEAN has grown to become a market of giant proportions, no longer just a region of manufacturing base.
As a single economic zone, ASEAN is predicted to become the world's fourth largest economy by 2050, with a GDP increasing fivefold to $10 trillion by 2030, and consumer spending reaching $2 trillion by 2020.
Growth of the middle income group within the ASEAN nations forms the core of its economic growth. This middle income group is expected to more than double, from 190 million in 2012, to 400 million in 2020.

India is the most populous country in the world after China. Being included this region, the population here is set to supersede China by 2030, predicted to be 1.48 billion people.
Having a high ratio of working class to its population, India's workforce growth is predicted to outpace its population growth by 2020.
This "population bonus" will become the key to ushering in a period of strong economic growth.

"Diversity" is another unique and inherent trait of the ASEAN region.
Being made up of various countries of different background and culture, the ASEAN region offers market solutions, products, and even business models that are unique and optimized for each country.
At our offices throughout the region, highly experienced local staff work with hand-in-hand with our Japanese expatriates despatched to this region to meet our customers' diverse needs.

Regional Key Functions


We engage directly with suppliers present in this region through our Singapore headquarters, providing our customers with the best possible service and most efficient supply chain.
Where needed, we are able to conduct our trading based on local currencies, supporting even with local warehousing based on our customers' needs.
In India, Nexty is one of te largest electronic parts trading company, and we are well positioned to support all your needs in procurement, manufacturing or reselling locally.

Design and Development

Besides our electronics supply business, we are also able to provide the full spectrum of development services for our customers, from circuit design to embedded software, supported by our highly-experienced engineers based in Singapore and Thailand.


In the field of mobility, we are currently also deeply involved with projects in this region, supporting projects managed by our parent company, Toyota Tsusho.
We have participated in a truck platooning trial for Singapore port operations with expertise and technologies from various experts in each area, and will continue to be actively rolling out such solutions for Singapore and the region.
We are also providing solutions to a leading vehicle sharing company in this region with a system that enhances their drivers and fleet's performance and management.
In Thailand, we have a team that is also involved in generating control data while developing and providing a data streaming system for a pilot project involving a lane-level, high-accuracy route guidance system, which utilizes the Quasi-Zenith Satellite "Michibiki."
Leveraging our status as the number one trading company in semiconductors for automobiles, we aspire to lead the way in global mobility development from this region.