TAQS ASIA (Bangkok)

Quality and Technical Support

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Handling Regions
Southeast Asia and India Region

TAQS ASIA provides a wide range of quality and technology support for local customers.

[ Supply of Quality and Technical information to customer ]
■PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
■PCN (Process Change Notice) and required documents requested by customer
■Environment data (SOC, RoHs, JAMA, SVHC, REACH, PFOS, IMDS)
■Product specification (Datasheet, Soldering Condition)
■Conflict Mineral survey

[ Provide Quality support to customer ]
■Defective Initial analysis by TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS THAILAND(NETH) Engineering group
■Interface between customer and Maker on Defective issue, Verify the Countermeasure report and present to customer
■Provide more technical explanation of Countermeasure report to customer
■Implementing of containment action to stop flow out of NG to customer

[ Supplier Quality management]
Supplier audit and ranking. Participate on supplier process improvement activity.

[ ROM Programming service ]
Firmware programming on Flash memory and MPU. Full operation of Laser Marking, High temp Bake and Auto lead inspection.

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