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The world's third-largest general substrate manufacturer, with sales of 2.035 billion USD in 2015.
Unimicron is the world's top manufacturer of HDI substrates and has long been the leader in communications-oriented substrate fabrication.  Since our full-scale entry into the automotive application market in 2008, we have been well respected around the world for our distinguished technical expertise seen in thick copper, copper inlay, semi-flex, rigid-flex, and other PCBs.
These products are built for harsh environments (thermal shock), long-term operation (long warranty periods), and technical quality that aims for 0 DPPM.

Supplier overview

HDI substrates

Unimicron holds the world title for buildup substrates and uses unmatched procurement and technical capabilities combined with state-of-the-art big panel (24 x 32) technologies to achieve better costs than competing substrate manufacturers.

Thermal management PCB Solutions

Thermal control can be considered the most important technology for electronic products. Unimicron leverages substrate technologies that most effectively resolve substrate self heating from high currents and power loss in power devices.


Multilayer thick copper substrates are technologies that can integrate power and control units on the same substrate.   Examples: inner layers for power units, and outer layers for control units
With their better thermal diffusion at better rated voltages, thick copper substrates can be mass-produced through standard processes.

Semi Flex

This processing technology enables flexing while minimizing change points from the standard PCB.
A specialized substrate that nears electromechanical integration, with no restrictions on copper foil thickness (0.5 ounces – 210 µ) or substrate/surface processing.

Copper inlay

A substrate ideal for controlling instantaneously and locally generated heat.
It can provide the minimum amount of direct contact of copper (thermal conductivity:400W/mK) to the problem element. A special technology that decreases the weight load and makes possible a variety of thermal control techniques.

Supplier overview

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Unimicron Technology Corp.
Nov. 20, 1990
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