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Preschool Child Abandonment Prevention System

NEXT Mobility


There have been numerous reports in recent years of accidents left in cars due to negligence, such as children being left behind on preschool buses. Just establishing procedure manuals for physical checks is not enough to entirely eliminate human error. To help prevent such incidents and accidents, the government has resolved that preschool buses will be required to install safety devices to prevent child abandonment in vehicles. To prevent such tragedies from ever happening again, there is a pressing need to provide a system that ensures the prevention of abandonment.

Our Solution

In accordance with our customers’ needs, we are able to develop optimal systems comprising a variety of sensor and camera options, and by doing this, we can offer solutions that can quickly and accurately detect child abandonment in vehicles with a simple retrofit onto current preschool buses.

Millimeter-wave radar

Using high-precision millimeter-wave radar makes it possible to detect child abandonment while protecting privacy.


Rather than providing a single camera, we offer comprehensive support that includes the development of image processing algorithms to detect children on a preschool bus.


Authentication tags also provide a reasonable means of checking bus embarking and disembarking data.

Cloud-based vehicle movement management system + GPS tracker

Vehicle movement can be managed in the cloud by combining this system with a GPS tracker that transmits CAN or GPS data.
Using this system makes it possible to know the location of the bus, the temperature inside the vehicle, and the well-being of the children on board. In the event that a child is left behind, the system can automatically send a notification to the predetermined contact.

Our Strengths

  • With our diverse product offering, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of customers.
  • We provide support at every level, from product offerings to technical support.