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Solutions for Unmanned Autonomous Driving and Work Vehicle Automation

NEXT Mobility


Japan’s working-age population (aged 20–64) is expected to fall 22% from 70 million in 2020 to 55 million in 2040. Also, due to the declining population, nearly 30% of municipalities are expected to have over 50% of their population aged 65 or older by 2045. *1
Even today, the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries are struggling with the constant state of labor shortages.
This underlines the urgent need for the rapid development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology for not only passenger vehicles but also vehicles destined for non-public roads such as industrial sites.

* 1 Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare data

Our Solution

We support the development of autonomous mobility hardware needed in factories, warehouses, hospitals, construction sites, and more.
We can provide the best combination of parts based on the customers’ required performance from autonomous vehicles and robots. Upon request and in collaboration with partner companies, we also facilitate the development of software solutions such as 3D-SLAM for obstacle detection.

Major Partners by Product Category

Edge AI

  • NVIDIA Corporation.
  • NEXCOM International Co Ltd.  and others

Camera modules

  • TriEye Ltd. and others


  • Livox Technology Company Limited  Others

Millimeter-wave radar

  • Smart Radar System Inc. 
  • Acconeer AB, and others

Communication modules

  • u-blox AG
  • Sierra Wireless, Inc. and others

Our Strengths

  • An extensive partner and product lineup for edge AI and sensor technologies
  • Engineers with expert knowledge in the autonomous driving field