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Advanced technology solutions for autonomous driving and ADAS

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In the approaching era of autonomous driving, ensuring safety will be essential in order to reduce traffic accidents. To accomplish this, data must be collected accurately from both inside and outside the vehicle in any environment and processed quickly.

Our Solution

Sensing devices, algorithms, AI accelerators, and other technologies are being developed every day all over the world with the help of advanced technology. Against this backdrop, we are proposing the best combinations of the world’s most advanced technologies in each category to make autonomous driving a reality.
In collaboration with a wide range of partners, we provide support for every stage from development to mass production.

1. Sensing devices and algorithms

Given the need to detect people and objects outside the vehicle under various conditions, there is a need to improve the performance of cameras, millimeter-wave radar, and LiDAR.
From hardware to algorithms, we offer the latest camera, millimeter-wave radar, and LiDAR solutions from around the world, tailored to our customers’ needs.

2. AI accelerator

The amount of information to be processed will naturally increase as sensing information from the cameras, radars, LiDAR, and other devices mentioned above becomes more precise. That is why, going forward, it will be necessary to improve the performance of AI accelerators that process this data at high speed.
We provide support for advanced AI accelerators from around the world, covering customer needs in every aspect from hardware to development.

3. Biometric monitoring

Demand has grown for more accurate monitoring of the driver’s condition (biometric information acquisition) in vehicles.
From hardware to algorithms, we offer the most advanced biometric monitoring solutions from around the world, tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our Strengths

  • We have established offices overseas in areas with high concentrations of startups and have been concentrating our efforts on discovering cutting-edge technologies.
  • We carefully research and verify the quality of products, including those intended for use in advanced technologies, to provide appropriate advice and support for their introduction to the Japanese market.

Product Specifications and Commercial Products

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