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General Incorporated Association JASPAR (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture) is a standardization body founded in September 2005 with the goal of standardizing electronic control systems and software of in-vehicle networks, allowing for more efficient development and increased reliability through common implementation across the industry. NEXTY has served as JASPAR’s administrator since its establishment, assisting in the smooth operation of the organization by managing meetings and events, members, funds, information, and public relations.

Our Solution

Engineers from member companies in a variety of industries related to car electronics participate in JASPAR, including those from vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor manufacturers, and embedded software manufacturers. In collaboration with relevant organizations in Japan and abroad, JASPAR promotes standardization in In-vehicle network, software, microcomputers, and information systems. At present, there are 7 working groups that have been formed to conduct studies in technical fields such as automotive information security, functional safety, automotive LAN, and multimedia, with each member proactively participating in discussions.

JASPAR’s Mission and Vision

Looking ahead to the autonomous driving era and widespread use of advanced driver-assist systems, based on the key concepts of “in-the-field practicality” and “global validity,” we aim to continue establishing standards for technologies that will solve common problems for the future of the automotive electronics field.

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