Case Introduction(Nexty Electronics World)

Cockpits of the Near Future

NEXT Mobility


In the near automated driving future, “provide information on safety” and “provide a more comfortable space are nessesary.
As our approach to these safety and comfort.

  • Safe driving support functions with augmented reality (AR), etc.
  • The realization of personal infotainment spaces by installing large LCDs and such
  • Voice and gesture recognition as a means to “communicate” between humans and vehicles

Voice and gesture recognition have also been attracting significant interest as contactless operation technologies in the post-COVID world.

Our Solution

As “cockpits of the near future” able to realize a safe and comfortable interior spaces, we offer the following solutions:

1. Safe driving solutions

To respond to the need to ensure safety, we employ technologies such as contactless sensing to detect when a driver is experiencing a health issue and AR to facilitate safe driving.

2. Solutions for larger displays

As the amount of information increases, we will continue to respond to customers’ display-related needs in all aspects, from visibility to high resolution, response speed, wide viewing, and various designs.

3. Communication solutions

To realize high quality in-car communication and voice operation, we continue to respond to customers’ communication-related needs with directional microphones, voice recognition system VUI, gesture operation, and other solutions.

Our Strengths

By leveraging Toyota Tsusho Group’s global network, which includes high-tech industrial clusters such as San Jose, Israel, we are able to offer solutions that incorporate the latest in cutting-edge technology.