Case Introduction(Nexty Electronics World)

Jetson, Powered by Edge AI Chips

Smart Factories and Robotics


As the working-age population declines, there is an increasing demand to implement labor-saving measures as well as energy-saving measures to be environmentally conscious, but important factors in achieving this are the acquisition and utilization of data on factory equipment operational status and maintenance.

Our Solution

We provide AI-driven data analysis as a solution for customers considering the implementation of labor and cost reductions through process efficiency improvements.
AI-driven data analysis makes it possible to identify issues that humans have not noticed before and improve work efficiency by solving these problems. One example is visual checks, which were previously performed by humans but can now be performed solely by robots, because in the factory’s final inspection process, a GPU can be used to rapidly compare and analyze a large volume of images captured by an IV camera in conjunction with machine learning data.
AI-driven data analysis is also actively being mobilized for AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles), which play an important role in the smartification of factories. An AGV can be controlled by capturing sensing data via LiDAR or another source, then using a GPU to infer its own location while generating a map and rapidly calculating the route.
To rapidly process this data, NVIDIA Jetson, a product we handle that is capable of high-performance edge computing, is an ideal choice. We can also provide an ECU box with a built-in Jetson.

Our Strengths

  • We provide solutions up to the implementation stage, and can facilitate collaboration with our system integrator partners for systemization
  • We offer a one-package solution that covers everything from pre-introduction assessment to post-introduction maintenance support.