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Decarbonization of Equipment Via High-Speed, Low-Power Perimeter Monitoring

ICT & Industrial


In today’s manufacturing industry, which is experiencing prolonged stagnation, as a result of diversifying consumer needs, there is a need to manufacture a wide variety of products with only the quantity needed each time and with fewer people while maintaining quality. Therefore, factories are introducing more automated and faster manufacturing equipment, including robots and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). However, since peripheral monitoring to detect people and objects is essential to successfully achieving better automation and speed, AI has started to be used for image recognition processing based on information from sensing devices such as cameras and LiDAR.
AI uses machine learning to draw conclusions from massive amounts of data. Although cloud processing has been the dominant method due to the high processing load, the need for AI processing at the edge (on equipment) is increasing, particularly in cases where high-speed communication cannot be secured for automobiles and other mobile units. This has resulted in the development of “edge AI chips,” which are tailored to such applications.

Our Solution

Because image recognition processing at the edge necessitates high computing power, heat and power consumption are always a concern, even with conventional GPUs. Since heavy-load, high-speed calculations are required in the case of AI processing, increased power consumption and heat generation are major issues.
The edge AI processors from Blaize, Inc. that we offer use a proprietary method to process AI that realizes high speeds and low loads without sacrificing performance. This makes it possible to build an environment that greatly reduces heat issues and power consumption.
Edge AI processors are used in mobile units such as automobiles, industrial vehicles, and automatic transport robots and can also be applied to stationary systems such as surveillance cameras while maintaining a low processing load.
This enables customers to optimize system costs, including power and heat measures, in a wide range of situations.

Our Strengths

  • We can provide the best AI processing environment by drawing on our years of experience and accomplishments in developing automotive products
  • We propose systems tailored to customers’ needs by utilizing our extensive line-up of electronic components and semiconductors