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Hyper-accurate Indoor Positioning

Smart Factories and Robotics


To ensure the safety of people, forklifts, robots, and such in factories, warehouses, offices, and other indoor environments, accurate positioning is essential.
While outdoor positioning is possible via GPS satellites, indoor positioning requires alternative technologies due to the fact that GPS satellite signals cannot be received indoors.

Our Solution

We offer a hyper-accurate indoor positioning system of ZeroKey, Inc. (“ZeroKey”).
The major methods of indoor positioning include UWB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and RFID. However, in addition to the difficulty of calibration, only two-dimensional coordinate information can be obtained. In contrast, ZeroKey’s hyper-accurate indoor positioning system (US patented) employs its proprietary ultrasonic technology to realize a system similar to GPS using ultrasound. This makes it possible to recognize positions in 3-D (X, Y, and Z axes) with a high degree of precision in the sub-centimeter class.
It also features proprietary calibration technology that allows equipment installation, system adjustment, and start-up to be achieved much faster than the conventional technology does.
By combining our technical support capabilities with ZeroKey’s technology, we are able to provide support tailored to customers’ needs for every stage from device layout design to in-service operation.

Our Strengths

  • Through close collaboration with ZeroKey, we provide highly-effective installation design and technical support
  • We are able to propose and implement solutions that meet customer needs with our wide range of partners

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Partner companies

  • Toyotsu Syscom Corporation
  • Multisoup Co., Ltd.
  • T Project Co., Ltd.
  • SEC Co., Ltd.