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Smart Factories and Robotics

With Japan's working-age population shrinking year after year, labor shortages have become a major social issue. Furthermore, manufacturing's share of nominal GDP by industry has been declining each year. Given the situation, the smartification of the manufacturing industry is unavoidable to earn sustainable profits, responding to a wide variety of needs from the market and considering the environment. We contribute to the realization of smartification alongside our partner companies.

Automation in Manufacturing and Logistics

Factory and logistics site automation appears to be advancing as more and more devices become connected. In reality, however, while data can be obtained, much of the work and checking is still performed by humans, leaving the data unused. Together with partner companies that possess superior technology and experience, we provide solutions that easily and quickly realize the automation of factories and logistics sites.

TULIP - The Low-code Platform for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Sites

Although digitalization is progressing in manufacturing sites, many big challenges remain when it comes to utilizing the data acquired. TULIP, a low-code digital transformation (DX) platform, can instantly achieve DX that has not otherwise materialized, either because of a lack of digitally savvy employees or, conversely, a lack of digitally savvy talent that can fully understand on-site. TULIP can do everything from on-site, from creating applications for the worksite, to operations, data collection and utilization.

Hyper-accurate Indoor Positioning

When implementing DX in factories, warehouses, and other indoor facilities, accurate positioning is essential to ensuring the safety of people, forklifts, robots, and more. Our 4D, ultra-high Accuracy indoor positioning system contributes to reducing indoor accidents and promotes DX.

Factory/Logistics DX + Sim

We provided support for designing highly accurate virtual production processes that incorporate designs into a "digital twin" to achieve effective manufacturing processes on the actual factory floor. This enables quick design and implementation of production lines without rework when introducing or expanding product lines at production facilities. By utilizing new technologies that enable any business to easily introduce robotic technology, we contribute to the ability to not only significantly reduce production lead times and costs, but also eliminate unnecessary work/processes while promoting DX in the actual process through new technology, and optimizing the entire production line.

Making "Multi-Robot Coordination" Achievable easily by anybody else : Automatic Collision Free Path Planning

Given the decline in the working-age population across the manufacturing industry, simultaneous work by multiple industrial robots in coordination with humans is essential to improve productivity and respond to mass customization as a result of the diversification of consumer needs. That is why it is significantly important to prevent robots from colliding with one another or with humans. We offer "collision-free robots" that can be introduced quickly and easily.

Factory/Logistics AI + Data Analysis

There are expectations toward digitalization as a means to improve efficiency, as factories need to implement labor-saving measures to address labor shortages and energy-saving measures to be environmentally conscious. We use real-time data visualization of data gathered from IoT devices in factories to reduce inventory, save labor, and conserve energy in each process. By predicting equipment and facility failures, our solutions also help to reduce downtime and costs.

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