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ICT and Industrial

Our lives are always enriched by technological advancements. We hear words like "AI," "robotics," "metaverse," and "new normal" almost every day, and themes related to resolving social issues, such as "decarbonization" and "SDGs," are also gaining traction in every industry. The world's values have shifted from "products" to "services," with "security" becoming increasingly important. As solutions tailored to our customers' needs, we offer cutting-edge semiconductor products and services.

Industrial Solutions

In the manufacturing industry, smartification and low-manpower operation have become pressing issues given the need to respond to the shrinking domestic market, declining price competitiveness, and rapidly changing market needs. There is also an urgent need in the construction machinery industry to digitalize processes while maintaining robustness in order to address the labor shortage caused by an aging skilled workforce. That is why it is essential to provide products that support digitalization and smartification in a timely manner by utilizing IoT, AI, and other advanced technologies.
We contribute to solving social issues by obtaining optimal proposals from suppliers who offer highly reliable products and sourcing from Japan and abroad the newest solutions capable of accelerating the transition to IoT and AI in construction equipment.

Driver Monitoring System
- Detecting Facial Expressions with an AI Solution Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC (System-on-Chip) -

Services aimed at preventing traffic accidents, such as sending an alert when dangerous driving occurs (e.g., sudden acceleration, swerving), have been implemented, but none of these provide a "proactive response" to unsafe driving.
To solve this, the implementation of an AI solution known as a "Driver Monitoring System" is expected to be effective in preventing traffic accidents by continuously monitoring the driver's condition and immediately sending out an alert when the driver's facial expression or physical movements indicate that they are about to engage in unsafe driving behavior.

NEXTY Electronics Develops Water Surface Garbage Collection Drone Equipped with a Compact Air-Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is attracting increasing attention as a clean energy source that does not emit CO2. However, the use of compact hydrogen fuel cells is limited.
In order for compact hydrogen fuel cells to expand markets, we developed a water surface garbage collection drone equipped with a compact hydrogen fuel cell.

VTOL Aircraft Equipped With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Featured at the Institute of Cetacean Research's Booth at Japan Drone 2023

Hydrogen fuel cells handled by us were featured at a booth hosted by the Designated Corporation for Scientific Whale Research, The Institute of Cetacean Research (hereinafter "The Institute of Cetacean Research") within the 8th Japan Drone 2023 -Expo for Commercial UAS Market-, held at Makuhari Messe from June 26-28, 2023.

Eco-friendly remote-controllable electric mowers equipped with hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen is widely anticipated as the CO2-free energy source of the future. We developed an electric mowers equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. We are working to help solve the challenges faced by society, facilitating the shift to energy sources with lower CO2 emissions.

Contributing to Safety and Low-Manpower Operation Through High-accuracy Perception for Drones and AGVs (Unmanned Guided Vehicles)

AGVs and drones are attracting attention as a means of achieving automation and low-manpower operation in a wide range of work processes, and as perception technologies required in autonomous driving, we provide solutions for rapidly visualizing the surrounding situation in 3D using LiDAR.

Realizing High-Speed and Low-Power Consumption Surround View Monitoring to Achieve Decarbonization in Facilities

To automate industrial machinery and achieve higher speeds, the processing of images in surround view monitoring is needed to detect people and objects. We offer an "edge AI chip" that enables faster and lower-load image processing, which results in a significant reduction in thermal issues and power consumption.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

As information and communication devices and services evolve, it has become increasingly important to securely handle increasing amounts of data in office work and infrastructure services. Businesses are also expected to provide a user experience that meets the standards of today's "new normal."
However, a number of new issues have emerged. These include power consumption and heat dissipation issues due to faster and larger data transmission ; security measures needed for deploying network services; and dealing with operability via gestures and other contactless interactions.
To help solve these issues, we provide solutions based on the latest technologies using not only hardware but also combined software services.

An IoT Platform that Can Monitor the Location, Temperature, Humidity, Falling, and Impact of Cargo

Sensitive cargo such as precision instruments, medical devices, and food products is at risk of becoming defective due to its susceptibility to minor changes in the transport environment. The Qualcomm Aware Platform helps to solve logistics issues by continuously monitoring cargo temperature, humidity, impact, location, and other data, resulting in improved cargo quality.

Contactless Operation Modules

As a result of increased hygiene measures prompted by the spread of COVID-19, an increasing number of businesses are introducing contactless devices that use gesture input, which raises a number of implementation challenges such as sensing accuracy and difficulty integrating into products. Our contactless operation modules can be retrofitted to existing touch panel products, making it much easier to make existing operation devices contactless.

Secure and Reliable Management of Software Service Licenses

With software piracy persisting as a global issue, the question of how to protect software assets and increase software business profitability has become an inseparable part of the software business. We provide anti-piracy solutions with the best tools for protecting software and managing software licenses.

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