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NEXT Mobility

As growth areas in the automotive sector, we have identified the four areas of "electrification," "autonomous driving/ADAS," "next-generation cockpits," and "connected technologies." In these fields, we provide solutions that contribute to resolving issues faced by customers and society by making effective use of new technologies as well as our unique capabilities, partner network, and informational advantages as a distributor.


Several countries and regions have already declared their intent to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. While the electrification of mobility is obviously important in achieving carbon neutrality, it is also important to address renewable energy generation, the ESSs (Energy Storage Systems) to store that electricity, and the charging infrastructure. However, each of these areas faces numerous challenges. We provide solutions for not only the electrification of mobility, but also these peripheral issues. For example, in ESS, we offer technology for the safe reuse of EV batteries; in infrastructure, we offer normal chargers, quick chargers, and V2H (Vehicle to Home); and in PMV (Personal Mobility Vehicle), we offer motors, drivers, meters, wireless and wired charging stations, and so on. We can also provide services such as power semiconductor evaluation and testing, which has seen an increase in demand in recent years.

Design of control boards for a large-capacity sweep energy storage systems that use reclaimed batteries

Demand for storage batteries is expected to increase in the years to come to provide the power capacity needed to expand the introduction of renewable energy. We are responding to this growing demand through the development and supply of control boards used in large-capacity sweep power storage systems developed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Charging Infrastructure

The expansion of charging infrastructure is essential for the popularization of EVs.
We utilize the know-how and technology of China, an advanced country for EVs, to support the solution of cost and technology issues faced by our customers.

Units and Charging Stations for PMVs (Personal Mobility Vehicles)

Due to the 2022 revision of the Road Traffic Law, "specified small motorized bicycles" (specified light-duty mopeds) have been classified as small electric mobility vehicles, demonstrating that the demand for electric PMVs (Personal Mobility Vehicles) is increasing due to their convenience. We offer solutions that reduce the cost of developing PMVs.

Power Device Evaluation and Testing Services

With the worldwide increase in demand for power devices, led by EVs, the rise of emerging manufacturers is also increasing rapidly. This is causing major issues for users who want to compare performance, due to the high cost and man-hours required for evaluation tests. To address this issue, we provide evaluation testing services for power devices and prepare reports on our customers' behalf, allowing them to reduce the number of resources needed for product development.

Autonomous Driving/ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

There are too many social benefits of ADAS and autonomous driving to list, including reduced driver burden, fewer traffic accidents, less traffic congestion, and supplementing labor shortages. Because of these numerous benefits, countries around the world are developing the sensing devices, algorithms, AI accelerators, and communication modules needed to broadly realize autonomous driving. To promote the development efforts of our customers in the areas essential for realizing autonomous driving and ADAS, we offer pre-packaged solutions customized to the customer's needs that utilize the latest technologies.

Preschool Child Abandonment Prevention System

In recent years, many children have been left behind on buses for kindergartens, nursery schools, and daycares. To protect the precious lives of children, we offer a solution able to quickly and accurately detect abandoned children and send a notification.

Solutions for Unmanned Autonomous Driving and Work Vehicle Automation

With Japan's working-age population shrinking year by year, labor shortages are constantly severe in the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. To help address the labor shortage, we provide support for developing the autonomous mobility hardware needed at each workplace.

Advanced technology solutions for autonomous driving and ADAS

Since autonomous driving and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) share many common technologies, which use a variety of sensors to detect information from the outside world, extract useful information from the data measured by sensors, and make control decisions, ADAS development tends to lead directly to autonomous driving development. We offer cutting-edge technologies that can significantly aid development in both fields.

Next-generation Cockpits

The HMI (display and sensor) that connects people to the vehicle and the control computer (central component) are collectively referred to as the "next-generation cockpit." Recently, the concept of SDV (Software Defined Vehicle: a car whose evolution is defined by software) has been drawing significant attention. Somewhat like a smartphone, these vehicles can be updated with added value after their sale. To realize such SDVs, hardware and software must be separated.This necessitates the use of a high-speed communication network to connect to centralized processing and systems that employ high-performance computers rather than decentralized processing. To meet such needs, we provide support services for the introduction of high-speed in-vehicle communications and multi-chip modules that provide flexibility and scalability for high-density mounting of ECUs with integrated computing.
To meet such needs, we provide support services for the introduction of high-speed in-vehicle communications and multi-chip modules that provide flexibility and scalability for high-density mounting of ECUs with integrated computing.
For vehicle interiors, we also offer devices that provide display, operation, sound, and sensing functions to create advanced, comfortable, and intelligent cockpit spaces.

Cockpits of the Near Future

"Safety" and "comfort" will be important keywords in the age of autonomous driving. With AR-based safe driving support features, non-contact operation, and the realization of private spaces, we make "safe" and "comfortable" spaces for drivers and passengers a reality.

Multi-chip module solutions for a high-package-density areas (around SOC)

We offer multi-chip modules that modularize only the high-density mounting section in response to problems that have arisen with the integration of ECU computations, such as increased costs of full boards due to high package density components, advanced mounting technology, and the need to secure new resources.

One-Stop Service for High-Speed In-vehicle Networks

High-speed networks are essential to respond to the evolution of data speed and capacity associated with technological innovation in automobiles. Our in-vehicle ethernet and SerDes products, as well as testing services, address the technical and resource challenges associated with implementing high-speed in-vehicle networks.

Connected Technologies

As the in-vehicle environment has evolved from car radios to car navigation systems and smartphone connectivity, connected mobility has advanced with the development of high-speed, large-capacity mobile networks, big data, and AI technology. We are at the dawn of a society in which nearly all mobility is networked, prompting the creation of new values and business opportunities. While connecting people, goods, and data will create new services that are sure to revolutionize society and our lives, there are still social issues to address, such as the shortage of drivers for public transportation and logistics and the need to secure transportation for the elderly. By utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience we have built up in the automotive field, we provide solutions for realizing new services and solving problems. These include not only hardware such as sensors and communication devices but also platforms for data utilization and convenience, and data utilization services.

Data Analysis Solutions Customized for the Automotive Industry: Failure and Component Degradation Prediction

As more vehicles connect to networks and new services emerge, we utilize the data gathered from vehicles to offer safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient services for drivers.

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