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Quality and Analysis Support

As a distributor with decades of experience in the quality assurance of automotive electronic parts, we assist businesses in achieving zero defects.
Based on our successful track record and expertise, we provide global support for maintaining and improving the quality of the entire site supply chain from supplier to customer, including activities such as establishing quality managers in departments that specialize in customer's parts approval activities and defect handling and establishing a quality support center that performs a variety of writing data to memory, inspections, analyses, and other quality assurance tasks.

Our Total Quality Support


Quality evaluation

  • Functional evaluation of parts and modules


Customer support for certification

  • Handle new certifications, such as management reviews, design reviews, etc.
  • Prepare the designated forms required for certification
  • Respond to customer process audits

Chemical substance identification

  • Prepare chemical substance identification documents such as IMDS, CAMDS, chemSHERPA, etc.
  • In addition to the above, we can also prepare using customer-specified forms, etc.
  • Mass distribution to relevant suppliers of customer's green procurement standards

Reliability evaluation

  • Environmental testing using a constant temperature and humidity chamber, a temperature cycle chamber, Hast, PCT, etc.
  • Reliability evaluation of JEDEC, JEITA, AEC, and other standards in accordance with environmental and life testing.
Thermostatic chamber
Temperature cycle chamber
Fully automatic visual inspection equipment

Mass production/changes

EDX analysis
Cross-section analysis

Defect analysis

  • Failure analysis includes non-destructive failure analysis, decapping/membrane removal, probing/OBIRCH, etc.

PCN application

  • Timely reporting of suppliers' product change notifications to customers
  • Support for preparing and creating delivery specifications or other specified product change forms
Fully-automated writing and laser marking equipment
TAPE to TRAY automatic writing system
Fully-automated writing equipment
RFID writer

Programming (writing)

  • Support for all production scales, from low-volume prototyping to mass production of tens of thousands or more units per month
  • Support for secure writing that requires data encryption and decryption
  • Support for everything from the manufacturing and procurement of dedicated sockets for customized packages such as BLE modules to data writing
  • Other services include laser marking, label design and affixing, and more


  • Visual inspection and sorting via microscopes, digital microscopes, automatic inspection equipment, etc.
  • Sorting of electrical characteristics using testers, various jigs, X-ray inspection equipment, etc.
  • High-volume sorting via specialized jigs and general-purpose handlers
  • Other baking, moisture-proof packaging, taping, etc.


Authenticity checks

  • Authenticity checks of products on the market are conducted via visual inspection, X-ray inspection, package opening, electrical evaluation, and other methods.

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