Our Business

Supply Chain Management

We provide optimal logistics and reliable supply solutions to our customers by effectively utilizing Toyota Tsusho Group's global logistics network and dedicated electronic component warehouses in various regions, building an optimal logistic system, and leveraging our proprietary crisis management system and globally unified ordering system.

Our Features

Our supply chain management capability has three major advantages : The first advantage is inventory and order management. Our global unified system enables us to accurately maintain and manage inventory based on forecast data from customers, ensuring a dependable supply of products to all customers regardless of their country. The second advantage is logistics and warehouse management. With 18 warehouses in Japan and abroad dedicated to electronic components (providing temperature/humidity control, anti-electrostatic measures, lot management and QR label management), we ensure high-quality stock management. We also utilize Toyota Tsusho Group's vast network to provide logistics services tailored to our customers' needs in air and sea transportation. The third advantage is our risk management system. In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, or accident, such as a factory fire, we will use our in-house-developed supplier risk management system, to identify related suppliers in the database and immediately report to the customer about the situation and whether they are impacted.