Message from Regional Manager

TOYOTA TSUSHO NEXTY ELECTRONICS EUROPE GmbH, a German subsidiary established in February 2018, continue to grow while supporting the whole of Europe together with the Czech and Spanish branches.

Through technological innovation for sustainable growth in Europe, we will strive to improve functions to support Japanese and European customers.
Focus on new development support and EMS support while expanding basic distoributor's operations support.

We are grateful to be able to work here and will continue our corporate efforts to contribute to your growth.

We look forward to your continued cooperation and encouragement in the future.

Managing Director

Our features

We have integrated reliable relationships with local companies cultivated by the electronics division of Toyota Tsusho Europe S.A., and the semiconductor distribution expertise we have developed over the years as NEXTY Electronics Corporation, allows us to provide valuable services for our customers and suppliers in the electronics market.
Our main products are semiconductors, but we also offer products made in Japan.
With offices in Munich, Germany, the head office of the EU, Prague, Czech Republic, and Barcelona, Spain, we are able to provide business support close to our customers.

Supply Chain Management

We support our customers' production on-site with logistics, delivery, and inventory management.
We manage orders received from customers, incoming shipments from suppliers, and our own inventory to maintain the optimal inventory levels for our customers.
We have three contracted warehouses, one in the Czech Republic and two in Spain.

New Business Proposal

Through EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) proposals to increase production efficiency, including carbon neutrality and other environment-related measures, and by establishing relationships with startups and system integrators originating in Europe, we propose new business ventures and solutions to our customers.

For example

  • EMS Proposals, Support
  • Fuel Cell related business support

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