As companies around the world pursue the megatrends of realizing digital transformation and decarbonization, the importance of semiconductors, which have become a national strategic resource, has been on the rise.
Meanwhile, the environment in which our company operates is also rapidly changing and growing more complex, with increased geopolitical risks in semiconductor supply and the emergence of new technologies such as AI that are likely to drive disruptive innovation.

In today's unpredictable future, we are committed to being a company that "continues to evolve" by clearly identifying what we will change and what we will not, and capable of swiftly taking action on what we will change.

Our capabilities and know-how include global sales channels and sales capabilities as an electronics company; technical capabilities in semiconductors and software that support these capabilities; a robust supply chain and quality support; the ability to identify, develop, and manufacture cutting-edge technologies in Japan, China, the United States and Israel; and the ability to operate ecosystems such as JASPAR, a standardization body for automotive software. We are committed to further enhancing these capabilities and know-how to bring well-being to people across the globe through the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We aspire to be an "Innovation Designer" that helps to realize the innovations of our clients by closely following the latest global trends, constantly evolving ourselves, and making maximum use of our capabilities.

President Yasuhiro Kakihara