Privacy Policy

NEXTY Electronics Corporation

NEXTY Electronics Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) recognizes that it is part of its social responsibility and that it is fundamental in building firm relationships of trust with customers to properly handle information they supply and to control it securely. The Company will fulfill the obligations stipulated in laws and regulations pertaining to protection of personal information and in the guidelines approved by the competent minister. It also institutes a basic policy as follows to ensure appropriate handling and protection of personal information.

I.Proper Acquisition of Personal Information and Communication and Public Announcement of Purposes of Use

The Company will acquire personal information (referring to information that pertains to and personally identifies a living individual) by appropriate means. In doing so, the Company will specify the purposes of use to the utmost degree and either publicly announce them in advance or make them known to the customer or the public immediately after the acquisition. However, they will be expressly presented in advance, in writing or similar, in the event of direct acquisition from the customer.

II.Use of Personal Information

The Company will use customers’ personal information solely within the scope of the purposes of use that have been communicated to the customer or announced publicly; provided, however, that this will not apply if prior approval is obtained from the customer or in any case that should be treated as exceptional under laws and regulations.

III.Offering of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not disclose or offer customers’ personal data (referring to personal information constituting part of a personal information database or similar, which refers to an aggregate of information containing personal information that is defined in a cabinet order as one that is systematically organized so that information pertaining to a specific individual can be easily retrieved) without obtaining the customer’s prior consent; provided, however, that this will not apply in cases where the disclosure or offering is exceptionally authorized by laws and regulations.

IV.Personal Information Management

The Company will endeavor to keep personal data it handles accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for fulfillment of the purposes of use. To prevent leakage, loss, damage or unauthorized access, the Company will implement necessary and appropriate measures and supervise its employees and contractors in an effort to implement appropriate management.

V.Inquiries on Personal Data Retained

Upon receipt of a customer request (including via proxy) for disclosure, notification of the purposes of use, correction, discontinuation of use or similar of a customer’s personal data retained (referring to personal data with authority for disclosure, correction, etc., excluding those designated by a cabinet order as harmful to public interests or other interests if their existence is clear, or those set to be deleted within six months), the Company will check that the request comes from the customer (including via proxy) in accordance with laws and regulations and then to a reasonable extent respond to the request.

VI.Handling of Complaints

The Company will swiftly and appropriately address customer complaints regarding personal information that it handles and endeavor to develop its internal system for this objective.

Revised on March 1, 2011