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Eco-friendly electric radio-controlled mowers equipped with fuel cells

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The market demand for carbon neutrality has increased year by year and hydrogen is widely anticipated as the CO₂-free, clean energy source of the future.

Conventional electric radio-controlled mowers use lithium-ion batteries. However, these batteries are unable to provide long periods of continuous operation, making them unsuitable for areas that lack recharging facilities, such as semi-mountainous areas or large open spaces such as solar power plants and orchards.

Our Solution

To solve this problem and achieve zero emission, we developed an electric radio-controlled mower equipped with a fuel cell, which enables much longer operation time than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Aiming at mass production of this product, we plan to ensure 8 hours of continuous work capacity.

Spectronik’s air-cooled fuel cell products are perfectly suitable for usage of ground and water surface vehicles, unmanned air, robotics and radio-controlled mowers. Key benefits of using fuel cells include zero emission and longer periods of time.

Also Spectronik’s portable, air-cooled fuel cell products fulfil the market needs that were previously underserved by bigger liquid-cooled fuel cells.

Our Strengths

  • Key benefits of using fuel cells include zero emission, longer periods of time and increased carrying capacity compared to conventional lithium Ion batteries.
  • As well as providing products, we provide engineering support to build fuel cell systems, including peripheral equipment, in cooperation with partner companies.

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