Total Support

To provide broad support for our customers' businesses, we have a system in place to provide comprehensive solutions, from planning to quality support.


  • Provides business proposals and technical solutions that incorporate advanced technologies such as sensing and cockpit-related technologies.

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2.Design & Development

  • Provides development and design support services that cover every stage from circuit design to mass production
  • Boosts development work efficiency through the establishment and use of a development support site

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Partner company

Development base, testing facility

  • Technical Center
    Toyota Tsusho NEXTY Electronics India Private Ltd.
  • Automotive Ethernet Testing Facility

Design support website (parts search, block diagram creation, etc.)


  • Provides one-stop access to optimal solutions with proven ODM/EMS partners, customized to the needs of each customer
  • With our discerning eye for judgment built up through decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, we have the expertise to recommend the best products from all over the world.

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  • Provides optimal supply systems and logistics services that fit your production plan
  • A database of supplier manufacturing bases has been compiled as preparedness against crises and risks

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  • Provides quality services for every process from development to mass production, including defect analysis, PCN (Product Change Notification), and environmental substance handling

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Superior Quality and Technical Capabilities

We support the development and mass production needs of customers through "quality support" by quality experts with specialized knowledge and the "technical capabilities" that we have built up through decades of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Proven Track Record of Reliability

In addition to the wide range of line cards we have established as a distributor of semiconductors, our core business, we also solve customer and social issues through the provision of various modules and systems.

Compact Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Industrial Applications

With the pressing need to achieve carbon neutrality, hydrogen fuel is gaining traction as a clean energy solution. We offer compact hydrogen fuel cells that use hydrogen fuel for relatively light-duty applications such as unmanned vehicles and portable power generators.

Hyper-accurate Indoor Positioning

When implementing DX in factories, warehouses, and other indoor facilities, accurate positioning is essential to ensuring the safety of people, forklifts, robots, and more. Our 3D, ultra-high-accuracy indoor positioning system contributes to reducing indoor accidents and promoting DX.