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OPTIREG™ Automotive Voltage Regulators and DC/DC Converters

OPTIREG™ Automotive Voltage Regulators and DC/DC Converters
Recommendation from NEXTY Electronics FAE.
Infineon provides wide range Automotive LDO and DC/DC converters with High Voltage, wide Input voltage range, Low voltage operation, Lowe power consumption, High speed respone and also High reliavility. Infineon released their test results that there were no Delamination and package cracks after TC1000 test. Regarding DC/DC converters, Infneon prepares High speed frequency products over 2Mhz operation, Low frequency under 450khz operation, Boost type and Buck type converters. In addition, Infineon provides Trucker ICs for High accuracy Sensors. Please have a check those powerful lineup.

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
Linear Voltage Regulators
Infineon offers you a comprehensive portfolio of linear voltage regulator (VReg) and DC/DC converters fitting a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. To meet our customers' present and future application requirements, we are continuously expanding our portfolio in linear voltage regulators.

INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES offers several switching converters serving applications with extended requirements like supply for 32-bit μC and airbag applications. In our portfolio you can find step-up (Boost) and step-down (Buck) DC/DC converters as well as DC/DC converters cascaded internally with linear regulators and trackers.

•Step-up and step-down converters
•High-efficiency regulators
•Wide supply voltage operation range
•Very low current consumption operation
•Suitable for standard 12V / 24V PowerNets
•Disable function for main output
•Output undervoltage reset with delay
•Short-circuit protection
•Overtemperature protection
•Wide ambient operation range - 40°C up to 150°C

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