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Smart building at Infineon

Smart building at Infineon
Cypress Semiconductor has become part of Infineon Technologies: Its product range is a perfect match. Infineon now offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for linking the real with the digital world – comprising an unparalleled range of hardware, software and security solutions for the connected age.
Strengthening the link between the real and the digital world

Schematic Description

Schematic Description
In order to become smart and take intelligent decisions, buildings need to be equipped with contextual awareness. Sensors will enable buildings to see, feel and hear their environment – just like our human five senses do. This way, they can collect meaningful data to feed the building’s management system with relevant information.

At the same time, a building’s energy consumption should be as efficient as possible. This also applies to its connected devices which are the building’s backbone in the data collection process. Low standby power, high power efficiency, and reliability are hence crucial to ensure a building’s sustainable and smooth operations.

However, an increasing number of connected devices also means an increasing number of potential security threats. IoT security, which is already embedded in the hardware, provides a secured foundation for connected devices in smart buildings to defend them against cyber-attacks.
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Smart building solutions from Infineon

Infineon offers a broad portfolio of products to transform buildings into smart buildings, ranging from sensors and power management ICs to microcontrollers and security ICs.
•XENSIVTM sensor portfolio for data collection in a building’s environment.
•Leading power MOSFETs and drivers for power-efficient devices.
•Microcontrollers for data processing and analyses on the edge.
•Security ICs, developed with proven expertise, for protection of IoT devices against security threats.

Additionally, Infineon has a long tradition in common building automation domains, such as lighting and HVAC. Explore the images to learn more about our expertise.
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