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Data Analysis Solutions Customized for the Automotive Industry: Failure and Component Degradation Prediction

NEXT Mobility


Mobile networks are becoming faster and larger as 5G is fully implemented, and with the acceleration of big data and AI technology, many new services will emerge as various vehicles get connected to the network. As the number of connected vehicles increases, these new services will include a number of connected services that will provide safety, security, comfort, and convenience for drivers, including “remote failure diagnosis,” which will analyze the data that can be acquired from vehicles, and “failure prediction,” driven by big data.

Our Solution

We provide safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient services by connecting our vehicle data platform and the artificial intelligence/machine learning analysis model specialized for automobiles, which runs on the AI cloud platform of Acerta Analytics Solutions, Inc. (“Acerta”).

Service features

  • Fault detection and prediction using a connected device or on-board-diagnostics (OBD) data; identification of deteriorating components such as consumables; estimation of remaining service life
  • Data analyses are performed using sensing data acquired from factory equipment on the assembly line to, for example, improve yield or identify the causes of defective products

Acerta possesses formidable expertise in vehicle data analysis, with several graduates from major Tier 1 manufacturers and university researchers in the automotive field on staff. These advantages enable it to use its proprietary machine learning framework and normal system prediction model to predict failures and identify causes even with limited failure data, and the company can also logically display the AI results.

By bringing together NEXTY Electronics, an industry leader in the automotive electronics field, and Acerta, a company with in-depth expertise in the automotive industry, We offer comprehensive support for everything from identifying issues and themes related to connected services and manufacturing to data collection and the development and operation of models.

Our Strengths

  • We provide services that leverage our decades of development experience in the automotive field
  • We provide a comprehensive range of services, covering everything from data input devices to data-driven functions, platform services, and much more